The North Design now aims to present its 50 years of experience in the automotive industry to its valued customers for VIP vehicle design. Headquartered in Germany, our company also has a branch in Istanbul. The company also aims to expand its overseas activities in the upcoming period. Accordingly, it aims to expand its field of activity in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. As The North Design, apart from vehicles such as Mercedes Vito Tourer and Sprinter, it offers luxury package conversions of S Class and similar sedan vehicles to its customers with the principle of perfect workmanship. As a company, we offer security, quality, comfort, aesthetics, technology and luxury together, and we offer you the best VIP design experience for your comfortable travels that you will not want to end. Our aim in our vehicles, which are specially designed with advanced technology and aesthetics, is to offer you the vehicles that meet your needs and dreams with the best possible workmanship, in the highest quality and in the most ergonomic way.

Mercedes V-Class 300D

We prefer the Mercedes - Benz V-Class 300 D, which has a more comfortable and more spacious environment than other Tourer models, for the VIP vehicle experience we aim to offer to our valued customers. In this way, we can fully reflect our hardware language, which has unlimited ideas.

Mercedes S Class 400-580 4MATIC

Apart from Tourer vehicles, we can take the equipment of your luxury sedans to higher levels. For the S Class, one of the most comfortable sedans in the world, we offer AMG, BRABUS and MAYBACH conversions as turnkey, in the most perfect and high quality way.


With the important touches we make on the equipment of your V Class and S Class vehicles, we can provide you, our valued customer, an unprecedented MAYBACH experience.


Luxury and comfort not enough for you? Then we can BRABUS both the design language and performance of your vehicle. Let's add performance to your unique comfort experience.