The North Design

We are making elegant touch to your car!


Interior Design

We present our models, designed in the most ergonomic and stylish way, to our valued customers, in the style you prefer.

  • 1) Electric and sensor sliding door.
  • 2) Electric, memory, heated and cooled MAYBACH seats.
  • 3) Electrical components that can be controlled from the tablet
  • 4) Ambient lighting (Minimum 2 Maximum 16 colors)
  • 5) Refrigerator
  • 6) LED TV
  • 7) Star ceiling light or MAYBACH ceiling light
  • 8) Massage Chairs
  • 9) Type C Outputs
  • 10) Foldable Seats
  • 11) Playstation 5
  • 12) Electric stands

Exterior Design

We make the exterior equipment package of your vehicle look much more elegant and high quality than with the AMG, MAYBACH or BRABUS options.

  • - Front and Rear Bumper AMG, Maybach and Brabus conversion.
  • - 19' 20' 21' sports rim options.
  • - Chrome or Piano Black details.
  • - Window Film (Sonax, 3M, Ziebart, Solarmax…)
  • - Foil Coating and Transparent Protection
  • - Ceramic coating
  • - Sport Exhaust (Akrapovic, Supersprint, Tubistyle, Borla…)
  • - Brembo Brake Calipers
  • - Color rim painting of your choice.

Personalized features

In addition to our existing equipment packages, we transform your vehicle's interior or exterior equipment into a more personalized style with the touches of your dreams. In this way, your vehicle accompanies your journeys with a unique equipment.

  • - Engraving your natal chart on the Star Ceiling
  • - Embroidery your personal logo on the seat upholstery.
  • - Double color outer coating.
  • - Personalized license plate holders.